Company's Vision

It has been more than ten years that Nadlan Haham began initiating, leading and managing real estate projects of all sizes. In all the projects and structures that we have established, we had seen before our eyes the good of our customers who were looking for a professional and responsible company to build a home for them, from the ground up.

Countless clients live in the buildings and complexes that we have built for each sector and every population group; they enjoy their renewed neighborhoods thanks to the earthquake protection plan, and other mandates. The partners that enable us to achieve our vision are growing into various other channels in which they can meet challenges, no matter how complex.

Every time a company grows it must rely on a solid foundation – professional, financial, managerial, entrepreneurial and creative. In each project, we’ve proven our capabilities and built the next floor not only in our buildings but also by making our company itself, from the base floors to the top, in the aspiration for excellence that will speak truthfully to the partners and customers.

Today, Nadlan Haham is a thriving, respected firm that enjoys an excellent and just reputation, and is considered a leader in the flourishing real estate market. After over ten years it has grown steadily and diligently, and after fulfilling the professional goals they set in their early years, they continued to expand their activities in all areas of real estate.

They intend to continue to grow in the second decade of their activity and to eventually issue the company on the stock exchange. Thus, they can share their economic growth with investors who will identify solid investment opportunities and ensure growth and yield in this sector. This is an achievement that they have reached with diligence and thanks to their continuous ambition for excellence in which they promise to continue to satisfy all of their partners to this day.

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