Yaniv Zagori, CEO

Serves as a director of the Company. He has initiated and constructed thousands of residential units around the country. An entrepreneur at heart, with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering (construction engineer) and an MBA.
Yaniv has many years of experience in construction, planning and entrepreneurship. He served between the years 2000-2010 he was the acting CEO of the construction company "A.D. (Asher Zagori) Zagori Ltd.," a company with an unlimited G-5 builders classification.
Yaniv was even one of the owner of a prestigious project called the Rabbi Kook Compound - Neve Tzedek," which sold in 2014 to billionaire Patrick Dray at the cost of 130 million shekels, and other impressive projects that led the company to success.


Elian Shushan Cohen, Adv

Holds the degree of LLB and is a member of the Israel Bar Association.
Elian has managed and leads projects for the company since 2012. She accompanies different processes and acquisition groups, promotions and entrepreneurial projects, deals flow, deals with banks and more, such as consultants, architects, contractors, municipal officials and more.
Elian brings extensive experience and professional know-how in the field of construction and entrepreneurship, enabling her to lead every project to dazzling success and customer satisfaction.


Amir Shashua

Amir oversees the earthquake renewal projects, and, the "evacuation and construction" projects. He is a graduate of appraisal studies and has many years of experience in the field of tenants, evacuation and construction initiatives in particular.
Over the years, Amir has accompanied several large and successful projects in the field that have been very successful and appreciated by his clients.
Amir believes in joint and direct work with the tenants since in practice they are the owners of the land that grant the right for execution of, and, the success of the project, so he offers full transparency which leads to harmonious relations with clients.